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Plain Jane Chain Plain Jane Chain Plain Jane Chain

Plain Jane Chain

Plain Jane Chain


Gold plated stainless steel necklace with lobster clasp and cute little branded medallion. Plain for you to customize to your heart's desires with other Reesabobeesa charms and Acrylic Donut Thingamigs galore. Designed to fit more like a choker and is 16" - 18" long.

Our jewelry is stainless steel and we only use 18k gold coating. It's nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

All of our jewelry is designed with you in mind. Our necklaces are made with extra long extension chains to fit most necks comfortably and as desired. If you're unsure of fit, we recommend to measure around the circumference of your neck with a measuring tape leaving an additional space of about 2" and compare with the length listed above. If you'd like a little more room please send us an email at and we will probably be able to accommodate your request!