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My name is Reesa (short for Theresa) and I live in Los Angeles with my two little dogs.

I believe deeply in the transformational power of honest and vulnerable representation; and the importance of championing ourselves  as we really are.
My art has always been my emotional superpower - it has been my light in times of darkness, and it is my greatest hope that sharing it can shed a light for someone else.
My first shirt; the feelings tee–was printed in 2017. I thrift a large majority of my shirts because it's fun, the quality and fit is better and more special, and it's much more sustainable! (Did you know it takes about 713 gallons of water to make a single tee??) If I am unable to find a full size run in a particular color and style, I pad my inventory with new blanks - as it is also very important that I am offering a range of sizes.
I like to be involved in every step of the process, I try always to be conscious about how I am impacting my community. All of my shirts are lovingly screen printed by hand here in Los Angeles by a badass WoC-owned small business. My paper prints are also made locally by a one man at-home operation. What I cannot make locally, I outsource; that includes keychains, enamel pins and jewelry. Everything is packed and shipped from my studio by myself and Bridgett, and we thoroughly enjoy fulfilling your orders with the intention of creating joyful moments when you receive them! 


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