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One thing about me? I absolutely love charms.

Why? Because life is romantic and jewelry should be too. It's adornment, it's protection, it's story-telling, it's a celebration of who we are. And I design jewelry with that in mind.

The Daisy Chain necklace and Daisy Drop earrings are adorable and sparkly and whole as is. But the necklace can also be personalized by adding charms to the chain! There are a handful of adorable and sparkly original Reesabobeesa charms available. And if you'd like, you can grab the Charmed Charm set so I can pick out charms from my personal collection just for you!

I also offer a weighty, shiny gold Cuban link bracelet if you have a penchant for the classics.

Whatever you choose, the Thingamagigs are a versatile and playful addition. Try them on any necklace, charm bracelet or your favorite pair of hoop earrings.

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